What’s in a headshot session, anyway?

What’s in a headshot session, anyway?

What do you think about when you imagine headshot sessions? Are you picturing a corporate-style white backdrop with eyes on the camera, slight smile, and business attire? Or do you imagine a couple of chest-up images with one hand on your hip and a slightly awkward smile?

Babes! It doesn’t have to be this way!


Take these images of my girl Krysta, for example. She and I caught up over breakfast one morning in downtown Leesburg, and then hit the town to get her some updated headshots. No backdrop, no awkward smiles. We simply strolled around for about 30-40 minutes and sought out areas with great light and interesting backdrops. In that time we ended up with a variety of images she can use on her website, blog, social media, etc.

Really, headshot sessions aren’t strictly meant for just headshots. You’ll get traditional headshots, sure, but you’ll also have some artistic images that you can use for #FridayIntroductions on Instagram. You’ll have some detail images of your favorite necklaces or ring. You’ll have some outtakes to show your silly side, because everyone loves to see your weird. You’ll have full-length, cropped, sitting, standing, indoor, outdoor. And if you choose to, you can even change your outfit to really get some variety.

Think of your headshot session as more of a personal portrait session. It’s just you and me, and we’ll have plenty of time together to get creative and have fun.

So practice your best ‘look off to the side and pretend the camera isn’t there‘ pose in the mirror. Figure out your best smile: is it a full on grin with teeth, or a slight half smirk?  Nail down the perfect ‘casually brushing your hair behind your ear‘ action. And get shopping for that stunner of an outfit you’ve been dying to buy (because BUSINESS EXPENSE).


Ready to get yourself some updated portraits?

Then let’s do this, my dear: book that ish now, or contact me to learn more.

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