Top Three Reasons to Update Your Headshots This Summer

Top Three Reasons to Update Your Headshots This Summer

July is almost here and summer vacations are in full swing. Unfortunately, Adulting must take priority over our old summer schedule of eating ice pops and pool-hopping between friends’ houses.

Ah, those were the days…


It’s easy to lose focus during the hot summer months. But the tasks we avoid in July and August seem to be thrown into September, and a whole new level of overwhelm occurs. So my friends, if you’re in need of updated headshots or portraits, it might be a good idea to get them done now while you’re in a semi-relaxed state of mind after your beach vacation.


Here are my top three reasons to update your headshot right now:

  1.  You’re tan, but not quite ‘end of August‘ burnt to a crisp.
  2.  Your kids are sleeping over someone else’s house, and that mom is the one who has the duty of schlepping them to the movies or the pool. Therefore, you actually have time to change out of your workout clothes and into something nice. Bonus: your spouse can take you on a date afterward!
  3. TREAT. YO. SELF. There’s no better excuse to buy a new dress than when it’s a business expense.


If you want to be one of three peeps to snag a headshot session in July, book a session now because this summer is getting filled up with portraits, weddings, vacations, and the rare day off. Basically, space is limited so if you’re interested, let me know ASAP and we’ll get rolling.

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