One Swell Day

One Swell Day

For creatives, attending workshops is a given. It’s like how corporate types go to trade shows and researchers attend conferences. It’s just something we do in order to improve our business, and then we talk about it a lot.

Of course, just like trade shows and conferences, it seems as though there are workshops being announced all the time these days. Which makes it difficult to pick and choose the workshop that is for you. Or me, in this case.


But as for One Swell Day, I knew at first sight that this workshop was for me. I had met Rebekah Murray once before at a mutual friend’s dinner party. When I saw her name on the guest list, I was so intimidated. It’s Rebekah Murray, for Pete’s sake! She’s a tremendously talented photographer who possesses skill that I can only hope to gain someday. But the moment I began talking to her over a cup of tea in our friend’s cozy living room, I felt so at ease. Rebekah is a sweet, kind, beautiful woman who carries herself with such grace (unlike myself who runs into walls more often than I’d like to admit). Of course I wanted to attend a workshop that she would be hosting.

One Swell Day actually included one swell dinner the night before at Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm. We all had a chance to get to know one another over a delicious meal, and chatted about everything from our mutual love of coloring books, to the memories of our first weddings (he was the groom in mine, for the record). One a more serious note, as a group we also discussed our findings from the Strengths Finder 2.0 book as well as anonymously critiqued each others images, a helpful exercise that we would discuss more in depth the next day. Three hours later, we departed with full bellies and a little snippet of what our workshop would hold.

I’ll spare you the details of the workshop (if you want to know, you’ll have to sign up next time, haha!), but rest assured that it was everything I hoped it would be. Rust Manor House is a gorgeous space for a wedding, and certainly worked well for our workshop. Rebekah graciously shared her knowledge gained over the past 8 years, and answered any questions we tossed at her. Julianne from the D.C. based wedding blog United With Love spoke on blog and publication submissions. Laura and Megan from Events in the City filled us in on how to effectively work with a wedding planner prior to, and on the day of, a wedding. The day was filled with an abundance of information, all of which we soaked up like sponges. You don’t know people who are more eager to succeed in their business until you’ve met self-employed entrepreneurs.

Rebecca (with interns Anna and Rebekah) of A Daily Something prepared a fresh lunch. A workshop full of photographers obviously captured the table settings quite well before any of us actually sat down to eat. It’s how we do. #sorrynotsorry


Thanks to some awesome folks, we went home with a few goodies. I’m in love with the double-sided mugs made by The VA Artisans, featuring our own logos + the One Swell Day logo on the other side. I think Rebekah herself made the notebooks (what can’t she do, right?!) , and Julianne provided some to-do notepads.

Finally, I’d like to say to my fellow attendees how great it was to meet you! Every one of you offered up tips and advice to the rest of us, and you are all so talented. I can’t wait to watch your businesses evolve after this workshop. And to Rebekah, you are a terrific hostess! I had One Swell Day on my calendar for weeks and looked forward to it every time I thought about it. You are generous to share what you’ve learned with us, and as always, your images inspired us. Thank you again!

Attendees: Banafsheh, Bekah, BonnieKrysta, LaneMary, Shalese

Hostess: Rebekah J. Murray
Venue: Rust Manor House
Speaker: United With Love
Speaker: Events in the City
Dinner: Clyde’s Willow Creek Farm
Lunch: A Daily Something
Photographer: Victoria Louise
Photographer: Bonnie Sen
Videographer: Skipper Films
Sponsor: VSCO
Gifts: The Virginia Artisans